Get Life Insurance on Your Children

mom holding baby feet
mom holding baby feet

Can I buy Life Insurance on Your Children?

How old does your child have to be for you buy life insurance on them? You can purchase life insurance on your child from the time they are infants. In many cases you can purchase life insurance up to the age 17.Term life policies are not available for minor (children under 18 years old).

Is Life Insurance Affordable?

The amount you’ll pay for your child’s  life insurance depends on the amount of coverage you seek for your loved ones. Typically the younger the child, the less your monthly premium will be. Also, the life policies have cash values so you can borrow funds on your policy or cash out down the road.

How to Get Life Insurance?

There are many great life insurance policies available to you. The key to choosing the best policy is knowing what options are available to you. Choose the best life insurance to protection for your family.

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