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Are you looking for a safe place to accumulate money or roll over your 401k? Annuities are a long-term retirement vehicle offered by insurance companies. The earnings are tax-deferred until they are distributed, and are taxed as ordinary income. People purchase annuities to supplement retirement income they will receive from Social Security, pension benefits, investments and other sources. The wonderful thing about annuities is that they provide a steady stream of income that you cannot outlive. And more important, they provide safety so that you won’t lose any money. We offer both traditional and index annuities. All our annuity carriers are well established and have been in business for a long time. Partnering with solid companies helps our clients gain the peace of mind they need to ensure that their money is growing safely.

Fixed Annuities

With fixed annuities, premiums accumulate at rates of interest set by the company, and the amount of each annuity payment is determined when payments begin. The insurance company issuing the annuity guarantees the principal less any withdrawals or surrenders.

Indexed Annuities

An Indexed Annuity is usually a fixed (i.e., not a variable) annuity with alternate methods of determining and crediting interest. While traditional fixed annuities typically declare interest in advance for premium payments based on the performance of the company’s underlying investments for those premiums, an IA’s interest is determined, at least in part, by the performance of a specified index of marketplace performance (frequently the S&P 500 Index® or Russell 2000®) over a stated period.

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